Will the New iPhone 5 Have a Curved Glass Display?

Of course we don’t know the answer to that… yet. As the WWDCiphone curved glass feature comes closer (June 6th) rumors keep rising about the details of the next generation iPhone. This time we heard that the phone (which will be named iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S) might come with a curved glass display.

Apparently, Apple has purchased between 200-300 glass-cutting machines, and this is what started the rumor about a different display. Reportedly, the machines are currently being stored, and will be soon assembled.

If these rumors turn out to be true, than the iPhone 5 will become Apple’s second curved glass gadget, after the iPod Nano. The curved glass display was first available on the Google Nexus S smartphone.

There are still no confirmed news regarding the availability, design, or specs of the new iPhone, so we still have to wait for the big announcement.

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