Most Wanted iPhone 5 Features

Enhanced voice control: How cool would it be to compose emails or SMS iphohne 5 featuresusing your voice? We can only hope for such an enhancement.

Improved home screen: We want to be able to customize our home screen in more different ways. Maybe Apple needs to learn from Android’s widgets.

FaceTime over cellular network: Right now, iPhone 4’s video chat works over Wi-Fi, but maybe the next generation iPhone will have the option to use this feature over a cellular network.

Flash support: The chances of implementing Flash on the iPhone are under 1%. Still, it would be nice for a change.

Better camera: Now this is something I’m sure we’ll get on the next iPhone. Rumors have it that iPhone 5 will come equipped with an 8 megapixels camera.

Better 3D graphics: Supposedly, the iPhone 5 will get the PowerVR SGX543MP chip that is also found in the iPad 2.

More carriers: As we said in our previous article, Forbes believes that 2 more carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint) will be announced for the new iPhone, which can only make non AT&T and Verizon customers happy.

A larger screen: A 4 inches screen would be neat and optimal for a smartphone.

A better battery life: Compared to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 has 40% more talk time, so we are really hoping that the next generation will come with a better battery life.

4G network support: This is the one thing missing from the iPhone 4, but hopefully Apple decides to make the 5th generation iPhone a 4G phone.

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