Upcoming iPhone Rumored Specs

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the upcoming Appleiphone54
iPhone, and in this article we are trying to get a roundup of all the specifications the iPhone 5 might have.

One of the most talked about iPhone 5 specification is its design. While some consider that the new iPhone will get a complete makeover, with reduced thickness and a metallic back, others are sure that iPhone 5 will look the same as iPhone 4, with just a minor aesthetic change, i.e. brushed metal could replace the glass on the back side.

Screen Size:
It is also believed that the next generation iPhone will sport a bigger 4-inch display. The iPhone 4 has a 3.5-inch display.
Better Camera:
Many Apple users hope for a better resolution camera. If we are to believe the rumors, then the iPhone 5 will come equipped with a Sony 8 MP camera.

64 GB Models:
For the avid iPhone users, 16 and 32 GB is not enough for all the pictures, videos, music, and Apps they want to store. Maybe Apple has a surprise for them, and will release a 64 GB iPhone 5.
Full HD Video Recording:
The current iPhone only records 720p videos, but we are hoping that the iPhone 5 will be able to record 1080p videos.
According to rumors, iPhone 5 will be a GSM-CDMA world phone also, like the iPhone 4.
NFC Technology:
With Google launching their Google Wallet for Androids, people are expecting to see this tap-an-go payment feature on the upcoming iPhone, as well.
A5 Processor:
The A5 chip was recently introduced for the iPad 2, so many people believe that the iPhone 5 will have one, too.

More RAM:
Currently, the iPhone 4 has 512 MB RAM, but it is believed that the next iPhone will include 1 GB RAM.
HDMI Output:
Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 could be used as a HDMI output with 1080p support.
Enhanced Voice Controls:
With a new OS coming, we are hoping to get enhanced voice controls, and maybe some new ones added, like composing emails/SMS using your voice.
Better Battery Life:
A lot of iPhone users are hoping for a better battery life for the iPhone 5, and if Apple follows its pattern (iPhone 4 has 40% more talk time than its predecessor, iPhone 3GS), we might actually get this.

4G Support:
With a few 4G smartphones already available and a few more expected to come out this fall, Apple might offer 4G support for the next generation iPhone, as well. By doing this, the company would make sure that the iPhone doesn’t fall behind its Android rivals.

Of course, all of the above mentioned specs/features are just speculations until Apple officially confirms/denies any of them. We might get all of these specs on the iPhone 5, or none at all.

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