Unlocked iPhone Released, Apple Sued Over iCloud, Next Google Nexus Rivals the iPhone 5

Yesterday, June the 14th, Apple quietly released the unlocked iPhone 4icloud-unlock 16GB and 32GB. Thy can be bought from Apple’s online store for $649 for the 16GB version and $749 for the 32GB version. You can also choose between a black and a white model.
The new unlocked iPhones will require an active micro-SIM card, which means they’ll only work with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and any supported GSM carriers in the rest of the world.
If AT&T acquires T-Mobile , as planned, they’ll be the only GSM carrier in the US, so the demand for an unlocked iPhone won’t be that high. Apple has pointed out a few times that the unlocked phones are very useful for traveling abroad, where GSM technology dominates the mobile world.

Another benefit of having an unlocked iPhone is that the owner won’t be tied to a contract and a short term plan or a prepaid plan can be used. Because the iPhone is upgraded almost every year, people who like to have the latest technology won’t have to wait until their 2 year contract expires.
Also, no more having to hack or jailbreak and live with the fear that the next firmware update won’t be compatible with your device.

Finally, if the iPhone 5 won’t feature an unlocked model, people who benefit from having an unlocked device will make great use of this newly released iPhone 4.

icloudIt looks like Apple is already getting sued over their new service. A Phoenix, AZ company called iCloud Communications have sued Apple for copyright infringement. The voice over IP company claims that the name of Apple’s online storage service, iCloud, creates confusion among the customers.
The lawsuit seeks an injunction against the use of the name iCloud and an undisclosed amount of money. Apple recently bought the iCloud.com domain name from the Swedish company, Xcerion.

The next Google Nexus smartphone appears to be a big rival for the iPhone 5. Sources say that the new Android phone will not have any physical buttons, will be powered by a dual core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz processor and will be made by Motorola or HTC.
It looks like the new Nexus will feature at least an HD 720p screen and a pixel density higher than 326ppi. Other specs include a 4G LTE radio, 1GB RAM memory, 1080p recording and playback and a high performance 5 megapixel camera.
Just like with the iPhone 5, it is uncertain when the new Google Nexus will be launched, but both phones will probably come out about the same time.

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