Sprint Offering Cheaper Unlimited Plan With The New iPhone 5

If You Have Sprint, You’re About To Be REAL Happy!

This is HUGE news! I made a speculative post the other day about whether iphone-5or not Sprint would keep their unlimited plan when releasing the iPhone 5… and based on the millions they’ve spent to push the idea of HOW unlimited they really are with their data, calling, and texts, I couldn’t see any scenario that didn’t lead to them offering this.

Sources inside the deal have said that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 5 in mid-October along with everyone else; however, they’d decided to really separate themselves from the pack by offering a completely unlimited plan.

Sprint has been “behind the 8 ball” for a long time and has actually lost money for 15 consecutive quarters, not the direction you want to be heading. However, the iPhone 5 could completely change the landscape! If they can figure out how not to drop a million calls/ day (figurative) they may just have a chance with the Unlimited everything plan. For those that are interested, Sprints unlimited everything plan is $99.99/ month, not amazing but a far cry cheaper than AT&T’s rates will be with the iPhone 5.

Verizon and AT&T vs. Sprint

Verizon and AT&T have a much different pricing structure, obviously. They make you break out the wallet for JUST about everything. They do have an unlimited plan for iPhone users too… unlimited voice. Not that exciting right? Well JUST for unlimited voice you’re at $69.99/ month. Then, in order to be considered a human being at all you need to add unlimited text messages – another $20.00/ month. And finally, what’s the point of having an iPhone 5 if you don’t plan on listening to Pandora, watching Netflix, NFL Sunday Ticket, Watching Youtube Videos… and streaming video or music pretty much as often as possible. In order to do that you’ll most like end up with the 10GB plan which runs an additional $80.00/ month.

So Sprint definitely takes the lead here with the iPhone 5!

One analyst, Peter Rhamey, from the Bank of Montreal was quoted saying “people don’t like bill shock,””Consumers will pay a premium for unlimited.” And he’s 100% correct. Either you pay $149.99+ with AT&T or Verizon, or you go unlimited everything for $99.99 and you can have piece of mind knowing you won’t go over your 10MB in data and have to pay the .15/ KB there after.

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