Sprint Keeps Quiet About the Latest Rumors, iPhone 5 to Have Smaller Display

Sprint Employees Not Allowed to Talk About the iPhone 5

According to Sprint Feed, Sprint employees have received a memo iphone5-screeninstructing them on how to deal with customers who are asking if they will carry the iPhone, or when the iPhone 5 will be released. The employees are permitted to acknowledge rumors that have spread through the media, like the article in Wall Street Journal which says that Sprint will carry the iPhone 5, and to refer the customer to Sprint.com Newsroom for the latest info.

The rumors that Sprint will carry the iPhone 5 has been around for some time now, but so far, neither Sprint or Apple have confirmed or denied this. This latest development will only make customers more restless, as the predicted launch date is almost here and we’re not even sure who will carry it yet. The iPhone is currently only available from Verizon and AT&T; the addition of Sprint as the 3rd iPhone carrier will make a lot of iPhone fans happy.

iPhone 5′s Display to Be Smaller than 4 Inches

A new rumor contradicting the previous “4.2 inches screen” old one has surfaced, courtesy of DigiTimes. According to their source, a big panel supplier, the upcoming device’s screen will measure less than 4 inches and will be somewhere in the 3.5-3.7 inch range.

If the newest rumors are true, and the new iPhone will get a 3.5-3.7 inch display, then it may be possible that we’ll actually only see a 4S this Fall, but if they do come out with a 4.2 inch screen, the iPhone 5 will look a lot different than the current 3.5 inch display iPhone 4 and will be on par with most current smartphones.
It also looks like the back side design will be changed. The current reinforced glass chassis will be changed to a metal one.

Just like with any other rumor out there, no one can tell for sure how the iPhone 5 will look like, what its capabilities will be, or who will carry it besides AT&T and Verizon. Hopefully, the latest rumored release date, October 7th, will prove to be true. Until then, we can only hope that Apple will make the right decision and bring us an iPhone that will rival any other smart phone currently on the market.

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