Samsung Retorts! Apple Is Summoned to Court

In April, Apple sued Samsung for steeling the iPhone 4 and iPad’s designs. apple-samsungAs the result, a federal judge ordered Samsung to hand over to Apple’s legal team the following products: Galazy S II, Galazy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Infuse 4G, and Infuse 4G LTE.

In response to this, Samsung Electronics sent Apple to court, claiming that the company used the patents owned by Samsung, informs BBC. Lawsuits were filed by Samsung in South Korea, Japan, and Germany, based on infringement of ten patents owned by Samsung.

Samsung lawyers have asked to check out the next generation iPad and iPhone (iPad 3 and iPhone 5/4S, whose release date is currently being kept secret) in order to “evaluate whether a likelihood of confusion exists between the Samsung and Apple products that will be in the market at the same time.”

Apple has rejected Samsung’s requests, saying that its upcoming devices are not relevant to the current issue, which concerns products that are already on the market.

The only certain fact right now is that the above mentioned battle is far from being over, and if Apple is going to have its sales decreased as a result of this lawsuit, then Samsung is going to suffer also, because Apple is Samsung’s largest customer.

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