Quad-Core on the iPhone 5?

Apple fans all over are interested in the latest updates and news regarding
the next iPhone 5, and most have already heard the latest rumors on specs and features. The biggest rumor or hope is that the iPhone 5 will step up to an A6 quad-core processor, but nobody seems to know for sure.


Regardless of how the phone turns out it, history indicates that it surely will be a big hit. The iPhone through all of its generations has been extremely successful and has gained a very loyal Apple following. This being said there are more and more competitors joining the smart phone race each day and one would think that the iPhone 5 would need to make a big splash and some serious upgrades in order for it to once again stand out from the pack.

In November the HTC Edge announcement was made which would likely make it the first quad core smartphone, and then in December we told how Apple was test two new versions for the iPhone 5, one dual-core and one quad-core. Increasingly since then it had looked probable that the next iPhone would feature a quad-core chip. But more recently it has been rumored that the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 will more likely be dual core rather than quad core. At this stage of the game though we have no way of knowing as the usual Apple secrecy is in place regarding its new releases. Either way, it would be wise of Apple to release the iPhone 5 with a quad core processor as by the time it is released there will be plenty of options that do have the quad core processor.

In addition to the HTC Edge we’ve since heard of multiple new handsets and a few days ago told how quad-core smart phones could actually start appearing in this first quarter, according to NVIDIA’s CEO. We’re expecting to see many more unveiled at MWC later this month including the LG X3 and more offerings from HTC such as the Endeavor and Zeta. There’s also widespread talk that Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S III (S3), expected to be announced in March, will also sport a quad-core processor. So what does all this competition mean for the iPhone 5?

We now know that quad-core Android handsets are expected very soon, with Windows 8 quad-core smartphones apparently due later this year, the lack of quad-core for the iPhone 5 could certainly impact on how successful it is. Many iPhone fans could be disappointed by the fact that it doesn’t feature the very latest type of processor, although as we said earlier it would still no doubt be a big hit with diehards.

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