New iPhone 5 – Out Of Body Experience?

The iPhone 5 Will Be Shaped Different From The iPhone 4

That might be a slight assumption, but let’s face it, why would they release anew-iphone-5-experience-will NEW phone that looks like the old one? I know it makes sense financially for, them in the short term, to release a phone with the same body just because sales of the iPhone 4 are still amazing and that would mean it’d be cheaper for Apple to produce the iPhone 5‘s 200 Million (that’s the projection) proposed units for the next years worth of sales.

But think about it, again this comes down to them doing what’s right for them. When the iPhone 4 came out they took a BATH for a while because they had to offer a case for the phone, and that really dug into their overall numbers. They make a ton of money from the accessory products that are sold with an iPhone 4 and they just couldn’t sell all that many accessories after having to give the case away for free. So why on earth would they release the iPhone 5 NOW without it being at least different enough in size that you would need a new case? Makes sense when you really think about it.

I’ve seen conflicting reports all over the internet about how the new iPhone 5 will have the same ‘body’ as the iPhone 4, just a better camera and potentially a better processor. Well that’s an obvious fact! I mean, come on… the iPad 2 has a better processor than the iPhone 4 so we know they have the technology to make it better, they just have to shrink it. The camera HAS to get better because the Droid Bionic came out just last week and it has a better camera. That’d be like pulling up to a race against a bunch of 2012 Mercedes in a 1985 BMW, it just wouldn’t fair well for the BMW.

So all in all, there is absolutely NO reason for a company like Apple to produce the iPhone 5 with the same body as the 4.

Why Release The iPhone 5 At All Right Now?

I have to admit, the timing is good in some ways, and bad in others. It’s almost holiday season which seems to have Apple’s interest peaked. If I were to guess I would assume they are releasing the iPhone 5 now, so they can release the iPad 3 closer to the holidays and make Apple lovers around the world ask for both as their gifts. Pretty amazing way to dominate Christmas guys! I think a lot of factors are playing into the release date to be honest –

  • Less Sales Of Accessories For iPhone 4 Because Of Antenna Problems
  • Holiday Season Is Around The Corner And Little Jimmy Loves New Tech
  • Droid Bionic Was Recently Released And Apple Had To See That Coming
  • People Are Still Critical Of The Horrible Antenna On The iPhone 4
  • The iPhone 3g Is Basically Done For, Now They Can Replace It With The iPhone 4
  • We’re Apple… We Do What We Want!

Obviously those aren’t ALL of the reasons, just the ones I see most readily available. I also heard a rumor that the new iOS 5 would be released soon, and that just simply can’t happen until the iPhone 5 comes out. If they were smart, they would release the iPhone 5, and then put the new iOS 5 on a delay for iPhone 4 users. That way, those who MUST HAVE the newest and best will pony up and get the iPhone 5 and everyone else can just wait until that buying frenzy dies down and get the upgrade on iTunes.
Either way you shake it, I am iExcited for this new phone and can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone 5 – I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop on release date and important information regarding the iPhone 5 Release

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