New iPad Review – Looking Forward to iPhone 5 was NOT going to miss the pre-order of the “new iPad”. apple-ipad2That’s right, we were one of the first in line and boy am I glad!

We grabbed the White – 64GB – Verizon 4G LTE and couldn’t be much happier. Let’s talk about the differences that are ACTUALLY noticeable.

  • Retina Display – Right off the bat this was something that stood out. Whether I was looking at text or images, the new display settings were CLEARLY visible. It wasn’t anything that was ALL that new to us being that we’ve been iPhone users since they came out, and the “retina display” is featured in the newer editions of the iPhone.
  • 4G LTE – This is spectacular! As soon as I activated the account on the iPad I wanted to put it to the test – so of course I pulled up and caught up on how our Free iPad giveaway contest is doing. Well – it felt like I was on a wifi connection. That’s saying a lot considering my “4G” (which was exposed at NOT being true right here on this blog) iPhone 4s which runs through AT&T can’t even hold a call for more than 5 minutes. Our office is located about 30 minutes north of Downtown San Diego so you would figure that there would be plenty of satellite coverage in my area… but AT&T hasn’t caught onto that yet.
  • Speed – It seems relatively faster – however, the iPad2 was fast enough to make nearly anyone happy so it’s not like it’s set to make that much of a difference, at least not off hand.
  • Camera – 5 Megapixels! Considering the last iPad (iPad 2) only had .92 Megapixels – this is a DRASTIC step up. I also REALLY like the auto focus feature, along with tap to focus feature which you can find in most of the iPhones.

I can say this – that was all based on my first run through of the New iPad – but I can tell they made enough changes to this new device to warrant the release. The good news there is that we can assume they will make the same drastic alterations before releasing an “iPhone 5” – which may end up being called the “new iPhone” or just iPhone.

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