New iPad Reveals Potential Additions for iPhone 5

Assuming they call it an iPhone 5 – it looks like the “new iPad” could be new-ipadbut a big brother to what we see when the iPhone 5 comes out.

The obvious basics are there, shape, size, computing ability… those things we all knew were coming when the new iPhone arrives. The big question(s) about the iPhone 5 are:

Will the iPhone 5 have the same shape as the iPhone 4? –

Our guess is as good as yours, but all signs point to a new design. There’s NO WAY Apple, a leader in design technology would release THREE phones that look the same. To be honest, before the iPhone 4 came out it was hard to imagine they would use the same shape as they did with the iPhone 3. Seeing as how the iPhone 3 had some SERIOUS design flaws (most notably the reception antennas) we all assumed there would be a new design for the iPhone 4 – but we were wrong.

Even the companies that build cases for the iPhone’s had no idea.. and these companies make a LOT of money off Apple so if anyone would know you would think they would. But here’s the main point – the iPhone 5 WILL have a new design. They did a great job enhancing the iPhone 4 to make it more marketable, and one of the biggest points of interest with the 5 is the design technology so we are all assuming the new design is a must.

Sometimes Apple’s secrecy is enough to drive us all crazy, but it always works out in our favor!

The next question we all had…

Will the iPhone 5 have 4G capabilities? –

Now let’s be honest… we knew Apple wouldn’t let themselves fall behind in the “cell phone” race, so the 4G capabilities was something we knew was coming. Well – with the “new iPad” we can see that Apple now has the processors and technology in place to make that happen so we can expect to see it in the iPhone 5. It really is that simple when it comes down to it. The new iPad had a very fortunate release date for everyone. We get to see Apple’s “future” plans – and Apple gets to see how the world takes to these small but meaningful changes before having to finalize the ideas that will go into the iPhone 5.

So all in all, you can expect to see a COMPLETELY different phone when the iPhone 5 comes out thanks to what we saw today with the new iPad release… it should have a larger screen, better camera, more power, and faster connection speed via the 4G. Enjoy!

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