June 15th Possible Release Date For iPhone 5?

This information is not yet verified but according to some other sources,iphone-new release date there is speculation that the unveiling will be held on the last day of Apple’s annual developers conference, the 2012 WWDC. The weeklong event starts June 11 and ends on June 15.

The rollout of the tech giant’s upcoming platform, the iOS 6, may be done on June 11. According to sources, new Apple platforms were always released during the WWDC conferences and this time around, the next-gen iPhone 5 may join the launch. The summer release date could be possible, following reports of a lot of hiring at China’s Foxconn. The plant rumored to be gearing up for the assembly of a over a million new iPhone units, to be ready in a couple of months. The power chip of the next iPhone is already confirmed to be in production under Texas Instruments.

The iPhone 5 may likely be the same size of its predecessor the iPhone 4, but with LTE-connectivity as the New iPad already has this feature. It will also have an improved Siri, the voice-prompted personal assistant, and may feature the recent patents granted to Apple such as the iWallet, multi-player gaming and the cutting edge crack-resistant glass.

Obviously we will keep you updated as we get more information about an actual confirmed release date. What we can tell you is that we will be shocked if the iPhone 5 is not released during WWDC.

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