The iPhone 5 Is Here!

It’s Officially Here!

The day we’ve all been waiting for (that includes you Blackberry users), the here is iphone 5iPhone 5 release is upon us today! In just a few hours new CEO Tim Cook will be on stage in front of hundreds of the worlds top media outlets, and streaming online, to explain all the new features of the iPhone 5. This is by far the most anticipated phone in history when it comes to total “buzz”. The iPhone 5 is causing a massive stir with Apple as they assume that trade ins are about to sky rocket, and have been “mobilizing” to show they can be ready for this massive trade in.

After all of the leaked photos, rumors about new carriers, we can finally wait just hours to get the actual truth about what’s going on. If you’d like to watch the live stream – join the club of all of us disappointed few as their will be no live feed! Ubergizmo is at the conference and does have, what they call, “liveblog” which will keep you up to date with pictures and details of the iPhone 5 as the conference is being held.

This is a good day for iPhone 5 lovers worldwide!

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