iPhone 5 Sales Are Predicted to Be the Highest Yet, Sony to Supply 8MP Camera

iPhone 5 Demand Expected to Be Very High

New reports show that Apple’s fifth generation phone will be in the positioniphone-5-camera-image to surpass iPhone 4’s sales. iPhone 5 is expected to be five times more profitable than its predecessor. Apple, which plans to have 15 million iPhone 5 units ready by release day, is going to see an unparalleled raise in iPhone 5 sales. Here are a few facts which indicate that the next iPhone has the potential to become one of Apple’s best-selling mobile devices:

1. If we follow Apple’s sales patterns, we will notice that iPhone 4 experienced sales two times that of the iPhone 3GS, so we can expect the California-based company to sell at least two times more iPhone 5s then it sold iPhone 4s.

2. Verizon didn’t offer the iPhone 4 since its debut in 2010, but the carrier’s customers were so eager to get their hands on the iPhone 4 that Verizon was able to sell one third of all the iPhone 4s sold in U.S. in just a few months. This significant Verizon achievement may lead to iPhone 5 selling three times better than the current iPhone.

3. Surveys indicate that many Android clients are unhappy with their smartphones, and they don’t plan to purchase a second Android powered mobile phone. When Apple is going to introduce the iPhone 5 with the new operating system, iOS 5, the plethora of people who will exchange their phone for an iPhone can lead to Apple quadrupling its iPhone 5 sales compared to those of the fourth generation iPhone.
Other things that Apple needs to do in order to attain the quintuple level in sales and profits for iPhone 5 are: releasing the phone on more carriers, like T-Mobile and Sprint, and once the phone will be available in the stores, they need to make sure that they will have enough iPhone 5s in the inventory to please all the customers who have been waiting so long for a new iPhone.

Sony May Become the Top Supplier for the 8 Megapixel Camera

In other iPhone 5 news, OmniVision, which was supposed to supply the new 8 mega pixel cameras for the fifth generation iPhone, is experiencing manufacturing problems. According to an analyst for FBR Capital, Sony will pick up the slack:
“OmniVision may be having technical difficulties with its new CMOS sensor, possibly risking its iPhone socket supplier status. OmniVision’s BSI-2 technology is the world’s first 1.1-micron px architecture allowing for low-light sensitivity and accurate color reproduction for better overall picture quality. Manufactured through Taiwan Semiconductor, it is built using a 300mm copper process at the 65nm node. However, we understand that yield rates at TSM have so far been unacceptably low for commercial viability, and that the deadline for inclusion into the next iPhone has passed. Therefore, Sony could become Apple’s primary supplier of 8MP CMOS image sensors for the next iPhone, with OmniVision possibly being a backup supplier. Many believed that OmniVision would capture as much as 90 percent share of iPhone production, which may turn out to not be the case.”

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