iPhone 5 Rumors

Apparently, fans will have to wait longer for Apple to launch the iphone-4-vs-iphone-5next iPhone model. Rumor had it that iPhone 5 will be released in June, but it seems less likely that we will have a new iPhone next month. According to the site Mashable, the phone could be launched in September of this year, or early next year.

When Apple announced the date for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company’s marketing vice president made a surprising announcement. He said nothing about launching any new device, but instead said that “at this year’s conference Apple will reveal the new iOS and Mac OS.”

Higher processor, better camera, chip for wireless payments, aluminum housing … These are just some of the multitude of rumors circulating on the Internet about iPhone5. According to Time magazine, it is assumed that the new iPhone will have the NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Through NFC, payments could be made when holding the phone near a special gadget. Apple hopes that this will set the tone for a new trend, implementation of such chips being long awaited.

In 2010, Apple hired a NFC expert (Benjamin Vigier), and obtained a series of patents on this technology, suggesting that the iPhone 5 will have a NFC chip incorporated. iPhone 5 might benefit of services such as iPay, and iCoupons.

It is speculated also that iPhone 5 will not have a very different design from its predecessor. However, it is believed that the back of the phone will change from glass to brush metal, adopting the MacBook’s Air style. The phone could also have a larger screen, and a 8 megapixels camera.

There is even the possibility that the iPhone can recognize both the user’s voice and his face. Polar Rose, a firm specializing in facial recognition program, was bought by Apple in September 2010.

The graphic and processing power of the new iPhone could be much higher than the iPhone’s 4. A dual core A4 type GPU could be incorporated in iPhone 5, as well as a dual core processing unit. According to Mashable, the phone might also be able to play videos is High Definition (1080p).

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