iPhone 5 to Be Released in China and Canada in October

Leaked Info Indicates October Release in Canada and China

It has been reported this week by BGR(BoyGeniusReport), the well known iphone-5-october-china-canadatech blog, that leaked documents form Telus, a big Canadian telecommunication company, indicate an October 1st release date for the long expected iPhone 5. In Canada.

If we look at previous iPhone introductions, Apple has launched a new device in US and Canada both at the same time, and in the US first, then Canada second. Taking this into consideration, the September launch date that we were talking about in earlier articles might still be true for the US.

The leaked list that includes the Canadian iPhone 5 launch date also seems to include release dates for several other gadgets. These dates look to be accurate, as they are confirmed by many other trusted sources. This means that October 1st might actually be the Canadian release date.

Apple has previously launched their newest smartphones on a Thursday or a Friday but, because Saturday is statistically the busiest day for cellphone stores, a Saturday release is not out of the question.

Rumors that appeared on Sohu, a large Chinese search engine company, talk about the agreement between China Telecom and Apple to introduce the newest iPhone and a budget version of the current iPhone this October. The budged smartphone will be a cheaper version of the current device, which will target a larger customer base in developing countries.

Stores Reducing Prices for Current iPhone, Expecting the iPhone 5

It looks like some stores are getting ready for the new Apple smartphone by reducing prices on current iPhone 4 models. Radio Shack is offering the 16GB version for $169.99 and the 32GB version for $269.99. Target is also running a promotion, listing the 16GB model for $149.99 and the 32GB model for $249.99, as well as the 3GS for only $19.99. Both stores offer a $100 credit towards the purchase of the iPhone 4 with the trade in of a previous model.

New rumors come out every day and it’s hard to decide which ones to believe, but when retailers start slashing their prices, it is a good indication that an upgrade is on the way. While we constantly read new and most times conflicting info about the release date, one thing is certain: the iPhone 5 will be released soon, more and more news are starting to point towards that.

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