iPhone 5 Launched on September 7th?

The new iPhone 5 must ship sooner or later and, based on the most recent iphone-backrumors going around the web, September 7 2011 might be that special day. It’s likewise anticipated that the iPhone 5 is going to ship together with iOS 5.

It has been reported for ages that Apple is actually getting ready to launch the iPhone 5 in September at the Back to School iPod event. Rumours have likewise indicated the fact that the iPod will probably be substituted by the iPhone, and that new iPods and iPod Touch could be a part of an event closer to the holiday season rather than in September.

Apple has openly expressed that iOS 5 will be available in the autumn, and that it is going to arrive filled with 200 brand new functions, such as iMessage, News Stand, along with a overhauled Notification Center. It would probably make almost no sense to deliver the iPhone 5 without iOS 5 at this stage.

Many of us read a week ago that Apple is holding on to a few product changes, perhaps most obviously of which is a modified MacBook Air with Thunderbolt support, until finally Lion will be ready to ship in July.

While everybody is waiting for the much expected iPhone 5 launch, numerous Apple fans are asking themselves if the rumored device could actually be the iPhone 4S. Many people grabbed up seats to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month with expectations of hearing an iPhone 5 launch announcement. Sadly, Steve Jobs and Apple didn’t bring up anything about a new iPhone.

Although rumors of the release have the new device being released this Fall, this Holiday Season and even next year, many technology informed smartphone enthusiasts have determined that the iPhone 5 is in fact the iPhone 4S.

Gossips advise that the following smartphone is not significantly different from the current one. Predicted improvements will be an ARM Cortex-A9 structured processor, and an 8 megapixel digital camera. Furthermore, the rumored gadget could be SIM card free.

Most of these features appear great and it appears unlikely that iPhone enthusiasts might be very disappointed should they not have the iPhone 5 launch this year.

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