iPhone 5 is coming!

The new iPhone 5 is on its way! The news that the new gadget will topic_iphone_5come out in September has got all the fans excited. There’s a lot of talk everywhere online about how it will surpass his predecessor. There are even some computer generated prototypes on YouTube.
iPhone lovers are trying to figure out and give their opinion on how the new phone will look like and the new features that Apple will include.
The list of possible new features is really impressive. Here are some of them:

– a screen that will be larger than 4 inch, thinner and lighter, with a better resolution, 3D capabilities and, a more sensitive and efficient touchscreen

– 8 MP camera
– 4G technology
– sliding keyboard
– longer battery life
– 2GB of RAM Memory
– USB 3.0
– 1 GHz Dual Core processor

Images that supposedly show the iPhone 5 have been released. They show a wider screen, a thinner body and a curved backside.

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