iPhone 5 in Final Testing Stage, May Lack 8MP Camera and Verizon 3G Chat

According to “9 to 5 Mac”, the iPhone 5 has entered the final testing stage, iphone-5-newsthe “AP” stage, as they call it. It looks like the next generation will, after all, be launched this Fall, probably in September, as it is currently being tested by Apple managers and cell phone carriers around the world. Yes, you read right, 3 months from now, when Apple usually holds a conference for new iPod models.

The not so good news is that, by looking into the iOS 5 files, it was discovered that the new iPhone model will feature the same iPhone 4 camera, the 5 MP. This is not certain, so we can still hope for an 8 MP camera. Files from the iOS 5 called “N93″ and “N94″ have surfaced and it appears that the “N93″ is for a model with a 5 megapixel camera and the “N94″ is an iPhone 4 or 5 equipped with the powerful A5 processor that we were talking about in a previous article. It is still uncertain which phones these files relate to. It may very well be possible that the “N94″ is related to the new iPhone 5 and it will feature an 8 megapixel camera, as well as the A5 processor, after all.

In another iPhone 5 news, since it is ultimately up to the carriers if they want to support FaceTime calls(supported by iOS 5), it looks like Apple and Verizon have not reached an agreement in regards to enabling FaceTime on Verizon’s EV-DO 3G network.

Rumors saying that the new iPhone will be a “global phone” are spreading around online. According to Macotakara, a Japanese blog, the 5th generation device will have a SIM card slot “for countries except United States”. A new antenna that supports 802.11n connections could be included.

Apple likes to keep us guessing and, while some say the iPhone 5 will be a new technological wonder, others think it won’t be much different from the current generation. While we all wait for the big release, make sure to check our blog often, as we try to bring you the latest here and on Facebook.

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