Is the iPhone 5 coming out this June after all?

Will iPhone 5 Make Its Debut at This Year’s WWDC?Apple-iPhone-5
There has been so much buzz around the next generation iPhone’s release date, that no one really knows anymore what to believe.

Apple has been known to update its iPhone yearly, and with iPhone 4’s June 2010 release, a lot of people expect the announcement of iPhone 5 at this year’s WWDC. Apparently, Apple has invited journalists from all over the world to attend its conference.

In theory, worldwide journalists are invited to such an event only if Apple has something important to launch. We all know that at the WWDC this year Apple will introduce the iOS 5.0, and the Mac OS X, but should we gets our hopes up that they will reveal the iPhone 5 (also known on the internet as iPhone 4S), too?

Some people are still hesitant about a June release after sources, who were in direct knowledge of Apple’s supply chain, claimed that the iPhone 5 will go in production in July/August, and will start shipping in September. Sources also say that even though the new phone’s design will look similar to iPhone 4’s, it will have a faster processor.

A September release of the iPhone 5 would make sense, giving the fact that the white version of the iPhone 4 was released just last month, on April 28th. Forbes also believes that the new iPhone will be coming out in September, and that Apple will announce T-Mobile and Sprint as new carriers. The delay from June to Fall launch will give T-Mobile and Sprint time to prepare their networks for the arrival of iOS, if Apple really decides to release the iPhone on 2 new networks.

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