iPhone 5 Announcement Officially Scheduled – October 4th

The Release Of The iPhone 5 Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

many cell phone users around the Globe. The announcement that Apple had sent out announcement to most of the major media sources was a breath of fresh air for iPhone 5 seekers! Data suggests that iPhone 4 users aren’t the only ones excited by the iPhone 5… Blackberry users seem to be ready to ditch their current devices and pick up the iPhone 5 as soon as it’s made available. In a recent poll it seems Blackberry customers are MORE excited than currenty iPhone 4 users to get their hands on the latest iPhone hardware. However, no one is ALL that excited about the potential for a 4s, which makes sense because one of the major disappointments for the iPhone 4 was the body/ antenna… and the 4s sounds like it would be keeping the body.

iphone graph chart

As you can see in the chart, it’s staggering how many current Blackberry users are leading the way to this new iPhone trend. I don’t think anyone is shocked by the number of current iPhone 4 users that plan up upgrading, but the fact that over 50% of all Blackberry users plan to make the switch puts a lot of pressure on iPhone 5 developers to make this phone bounds above the iPhone 4 – and again – all rumors say that won’t be happening.

I guess we’ll have to wait till October 4th to see what this new phone will really bring to the table, and whether it truly will revolutionize the cell phone industry, or just leave us in a saddened state of disappointment by NOT adding the features it seems we all want. The actual

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