iPhone 5 is here!

By now I’m sure you all know – the iPhone 5 finally made it to the market!iphone 5 released now

After a lot of hype and deliberation we finally got to see the newest addition to the Apple line up, and we were quite impressed. I know, there is a lot of talk out there about it not being much different from the iPhone 4 aside from the length of the iPhone 5… but let’s think about it for a minute.

First off – the iPhone 4s was a great device, or did we all forget? I mean – the 4s wasn’t MUCH better than the 4 but it was better. That same trend happens with the iPhone 5. So just to point out a couple of the major differences I’ll list them out for you below. These are just the MAJOR differences because if you are an iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 user you won’t notice a LOT of difference in the speed of the device because those devices are already equipped with good processors…

So here’s what you’ll notice on the “surface”:

– The length of the phone! Yeah, as I’m sure you’ve seen by now the new iPhone 5 is a bit “taller” than the other devices. The reason for this appleiphone5comparisonstherodinhoodsaddition in height is simple and practical… it’s because you can still use the entire device with one hand. Take, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S3 – it’s screen is a lot bigger than the iPhone but you can’t reach both of the corners of the phone with the thumb you hold the phone with meaning you might not be able to do everything using just one hand.

Apple wanted you to be able to use this device with just one hand… kind of the idea behind all handhelds really. But Apple has a knack for doing practical things with their devices and not going for the “ultra popular” option. I think this gives the iPhone 5 a nice feel and doesn’t add any extra bulk to my pocket either which is nice.

– Outer bezel. People are raving about this new design they used on the iPhone 5. They sort of beveled the edges which gives it a really nice look bezeland makes it a bit more practical because those square edges on the previous 4 and 4s model never did anyone any favors and ended up getting scratched in my experience.

headphones- The Headphones go on the BOTTOM! I know this might now SOUND like a big deal but it is if you like to run with your phone as your music assistant or to track your distance. It was terribly annoying wheniPhone51- you had the older models in your arm band and wanted to change songs but couldn’t see the track because it was upside down. So the new iPhone 5 fixes that by putting the headphone jack on the bottom. I think they also did this because when you are just putting it in your pocket this will make the iPhone 5 come out of your pocket in the correct justification for you to use it and not upside down.

– As you can also see above – there is a new charger plug. No more bulky, half in and half out, sometimes upside down 32 pin charger. They opted to go with a more “future friendly” option which allows the charger cable to go in either way (upside down no longer an issue). It’s also more of an optic charger so you’ll just realize a better connection between the device and the power source. This is a BIG change in the iPhone work with the iPhone 5. There were a LOT of people, including myself, who weren’t happy with this when we heard about it. I was going to have to get all new accessories, new charger cables, new everything! Well – still do… but I love the iPhone 5 so it’s worth it and I didn’t have that many “special” accessories anyways.

Those are the biggest changes in my eyes – I think it’s worth getting the iPhone 5. A lot of people ask me – “Should I get this one or wait till the next one?”. I like to tell people to get this phone – it’s awesome and the body won’t change again for a long time so why not? The speed can’t get much faster, and the other features will be small in nature as you’ll always get the OS upgrades when they come out anyways. I won’t be going to the iPhone 6 if it does come out… I’ll stick to iPhone 5.

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