iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5, Worth the Wait?

As with any technology about to be replaced, the iPhone 4S should seeiphone5 vs iphone 4 some major price drops over the next few months. The problem many customers may face is deciding to go after the cheaper iPhone 4S or stick it out and wait for the coming iPhone 5.

Of course some of us in the next few month’s will end up dropping their iPhone and cracking the screen, loosing the phone, or have it fall out of our sweatshirts on a jog and have the decision made for us. But for those of us who have better fortune, and have the opportunity to wait for the iPhone 5, what is the right choice?

According to some circulating rumors, the iPhone 5 may come with a new design, that could mean a bigger 4″ touchscreen as well as Liquipel waterproofing, a technology that will help those of us with slippery fingers. Not much else has been determined. The question of a new iOS is still up in the air as well.

As we posted late last week, the iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled during WWDC in June. The bigger question at the moment is will the iPhone 5 appeal enough to the iPhone followers and new customers to make them spend the big bucks, when the iPhone 4S will be a much cheaper option?

My educated guess? YES! It never fails that there are enough consumers, especially Apple lovers who will purchase the iPhone 5 without much hesitation. A new design will certainly be enough to draw crowds on release day and sell out just about every iPhone 5 in the country.

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