iPad 3 Receiving New Protection

Apple employees are busy preparing the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts inipad 3 San Francisco, California. This is where the iPad unveiling events in 2010 and 2011 were held. This year, the same venue has been chosen for unveiling iPad 3 to the awaiting world.

As you would imagine a lot of work goes into these types of events as Apple is never one to just do something halfway. Even though there is less than 36 hours until the iPad 3 is officially unveiled, the rumor mill will not stop. The latest and greatest rumor is that Apple is working on an enhanced Smart Cover for it’s latest tablet and also word that the company is working on a full glass backed iPhone 5.

One online source reveals that Apple will announce an enhanced iPad 3 Smart Cover during the release event. It is believed to be true by most Apple sources because this particular one has been previously correct about a host of rumors related to Apple products. Smart Covers are nothing new to the iPad, as they were released along side the iPad 2 last year. These alleged new covers are unique in their own way. Not only do they provide protection to the already strong iPad touchscreen, they can also be used as a stand for watching movies, making FaceTime calls or for typing.

At Apple, their belief is that there is always room for improvement. Every year the company launches new and improved versions of it’s existing products that have wowed their respective markets. So it goes without saying that Apple will most likely release an improved version of the Smart Cover. The enhanced iPad 3 Smart Cover supposedly has a rear protective shell made out of PU/bicast leather and fiberglass. This is something that will be changed as the previous smart cover had no real protective shell on the rear portion. Similar to the protective covers for the iPhones, and the new slew that will most likely released for the iPhone 5. Apart from this one major improvement, nothing much will be changed.

As always, nothing can be said for sure until the company makes official announcements. The world anxiously awaits release of Apple’s next generation tablet. We’re quite sure that future trends will be easy to predict after the launch of this tablet.

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