Ciccarese Design Unveils New iPhone5 Mock Up

Apple is not expected to unveil the new iPhone 5 until later in the year, iPhone-5-CiccareseDesign-01-but as I am sure most of us Apple fan’s have already done, there are many of us dreaming about what it may look like.

One of the more experienced imaginative minds at Ciccarese Design has released a new mock up of the new iPhone 5, basically a dream of what the next generation iPhone may look like when it is released.

On the design firms website it states that “Ciccarese Design comes to realize what does not exist…our goal is to match the present and future”. They are certainly doing that job well. Ciccarese’s iPhone 5 mock-up features a white face plate, a metallic backplate, and three buttons on the left for volume and ring/silent. The designers moved the sleep button from the top of the iPhone to the right side in order to achieve a true teardrop shape, where the phone’s form is thicker in the middle and thin around the edges.

Back on Feb. 20, Japanese blog Macotakara stated that Apple may release the iPhone 5 in September or October, giving up on mid-year iPhone launches for a 11-month upgrade cycle starting in the fall. The company’s last iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was the first Apple smartphone released outside the summer months, while the original iPhone, as well as the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, were all released in either June or July.The back of the iPhone prototype is sleek and smooth-looking. The rendering shows how the rear-side camera has been moved to the middle of the phone, while the Apple logo beneath the camera mount permanantly glows white.

Just so we are clear enough, Ciccarese’s design is NOT what Apple is designing for its next-generation iPhone. Ciccarese loves to make concept designs for Apple devices that don’t exist yet, such as the iTV, the 8-inch iPad Mini, and even an extremely thin iPhone mock-up called the “iPhone Air.” If Apple does settle on a teardrop design for the iPhone 5, expect Ciccarese to ask Apple for some credit.

There is no clear reason why the 4S was the only iPhone released in the fall, but analysts believe Apple attempted to implement LTE into the phone, and failed. Apple has reportedly solved these problems, as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company plans to feature its next iPad — the iPad 3 — over the high-speed “long-term evolution” network. That report has been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal.

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