Apple CFO Hints to an iPhone 5 September Release

Record Profits for Apple at the End of Q3

Several days ago, the Cupertino-based company announced its financial Apple-Q3-2011results for the third quarter of the 2011 fiscal year, which ended on June 25th. During this quarter, Apple profits have increased by 125% and the company sold 20.34 million iPhone models. Thus, Apple exceeded analysts’ expectations, who predicted that only 16.5 million iPhones will be sold in Q3. The company also sold 9.25 million iPads and 3.95 million Macs.

Apple’s revenue for the quarter came to a total of $28.57 billion, with a net profit of $7.31 billion, which is double than what the company earned during the third quarter in 2010. International sales accounted for 62% of revenues this quarter.

During the conference call when these results were announced, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, said that one Apple product will go through an important transition by the end of September, and taking into account the impact that this transition will have, the company estimates the revenues for the fourth quarter to be 12% less than those of the third quarter.

Since Oppenheimer didn’t say anything else about the future product transformation, everyone thinks that he was talking about the much anticipated iPhone 5. With new products (newest generation MacBook Air, Mac Mini and OS X Lion) released this week, Apple can now focus its attention on the next generation iPhone.

While many of us expected to see a new iPhone 5 in June, new rumors claim that the delay in release is due to problems with an overheating A5 chip. Apparently, Apple can’t keep the processor at a low temperature in the tight iPhone 5 case.

iPhone 5 to Benefit from Improved Voice Command System

Recently, Apple filed a patent for an enhanced voice control system which will probably be implemented in the future iOS 5. This system would work by reducing the quantity of information users have to listen to when using their iPhones. Additionally, the system can get familiarized with a user’s preferences over time and deliver only the “tailored” information that he needs. This system, named “Adaptive Audio Feedback System and Method” would apply to alerts, menu navigation and prompts.

Since the purchase of Siri, a “personal assistant” for iPhone, who understands and answers voice commands like “Call me a taxi.” or “Where is the nearest Starbucks?”, Apple has been working hard to improve the voice control in its mobile gadgets. Some rumors say that the voice control will be “deeply integrated” in the next OS.

We can’t wait to see the alpha version of the iOS 5, but most of all, we can’t wait for the new iPhone 5 to be launched.

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